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Dates and location for the National Junior Disability Championships, 2015 have been announced! Hope you can join us July 18-25 in Union County, NJ.  It's going to be a great season, send us a message to get more information about how you can get involved!



Trent, Darrion and Coach Darla walk in the opening ceremonies of NJDC 2013.





Mission: Strong as Steel Adaptive Sports will provide sport specific training and opportunities for children ages 5 to 21 with physical disabilities (ambulatory, wheelchair or visually impaired athletes) to attend local, regional and national competitions. This program aims to help develop physical strength and athletic skills while teaching perseverance and encouraging self-esteem. 

We are a sports and recreation team for physically challenged and/or visually impaired athletes aged 5-21 in Western Pennsylvania. Our goal is to encourage children to gain independence despite any challenges they may face. While children gain physical strength and athletic skills they will also be gaining self-esteem and learning perseverance. Realize your potential through sport, recreation and lifestyle changes!

Athletes will participate in meets sanctioned by Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports USA.  Athletes are classified based on the type of disability they have and the disability severity, using a classification system very similar to the one used by the Paralympics.  For instance, there are 8 classifications for cerebral palsy to allow for the variability that exists within the diagnosis.  The classification system allows kids to compete on a more level playing field.  To learn more about Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports USA, and the classification process, you can check out their website.

Strong as Steel Adaptive Sports provides sport specific training, opportunities to attend regional and national competitions, and family recreational opportunities for youth with any diagnosed physical disability. We will focus on Track and Field activities with opportunities for swimming, weight lifting, archery, and table tennis depending on interest and availability. Our program aims to provide recreational and competitive opportunities for children and youth with disabilities; as well as; a chance to receive recognition for their extraordinary dedication, hard work, and success!

Our primary goal is to provide children with physical disabilities (ambulatory, wheelchair, and visually impaired athletes)  impaired athletes with opportunities to train, participate and excel in adaptive sports; as well as; to provide them with all the resources required to prepare them for competitions at the regional level. The ultimate goal is to provide interested children who qualify at regionals the opportunity to participate at the annual National Junior Disability Championship (NJDC). 


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